Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Changing rooms are not toilets.

First for two item raves :)
I'm a big fan of purchasing things which no one really has... or things which no one can find... or things that people won't normally think to buy basically. I like creating "damn I really like what she's wearing I wonder where it's from I haven't seen it anywhere" thoughts in people's minds
I admit it! So when I find such things I get happy...
and squeal a little bit. :)
An example of this is when I was given two gorgeous items the other day by my lovely Aunt who came from Paris with her family to visit. One is a pair of hot pink Dr. Martens.
How friggin' gorgeous! I don't see a lot of this on the street which is why I love it even more. The other thing she bought for me was this gorgeous tote by Euroline. Great for college. Never heard of it before but I wish they had a shop so I could look at more of their things.

I'm thinking of cutting all the flaps off, revealing the gold underneath... is that a bad idea? Please feel free to stop me :)

I work in retail and to me, I can break down rude customers into 3 categories.

One's who:
*completely ignore you when you greet/try to help them. They look at you because incidently they've acknowledged in the their heads that you've just spoken to them but they simply turn away and walk faster past you. I know you bloody heard me! And they always have that same moody look.
*don't say please and don't say thank you when necessary! The latter is just annoying.
*in the changing rooms, they put no effort into putting the clothes back onto the hangers like they originally were and just dump their shxt into your arms and walk off. Because apparently it's "our job".

There is a fourth although I've never witnessed it or had to deal with it (lets keep it that way shall we?) but I know people who have:
*customers who decide to do weewee or the other... in the changing rooms. Or leave their sanitary towels in their too. They actually do it in a bag and leave it on the changing room floor. Firstly isn't that a bit of an effort? And where is your sense personal hygiene? The toilets are just downstairs, literally. Secondly, just WHY!?
I just don't understand. Can anyone help me understand :) I can't believe I have to teach grown ups that changing rooms are not toilets.

And rant over.


  1. those Doc Martens are heaven. have you seen the floral ones? incredible. I also really love the dark purple ones...I've seen them with yellow laces, too amazing. the only pair I would wear consistently are the black ones, booring.

  2. those pink Doc's are sick as!!!! :)

  3. Oh my word Monica! Changing rooms as toilets?! I've never heard such a thing!! And I thought having to wait half an hour because the lady in ther changing room was sending the assistant out to get her shopping was bad enough....I'm honestly shocked!!

    Can I add something to the pet hates, but from a customer? Ahem....
    *Shop assistants who hold conversations while I'm trying to pay at the till - it's just rude. Point in case, in Co-Op last night (although really, what can I expect from there?) A girl whose leaving shouts to my assistant to "call me when you're leaving" and they then proceed to discuss tomorrow night's plans! HELLO I'm being served here!! Call me fussy, but I worked at House of Fraser and focusing solely on the customer when they're paying was Training 101.



  4. hi,I'm Jess from Taiwan.
    Just stopping by to say hello .
    this blog is so great :)

  5. i follow you too (:
    & i like the bag ♥

  6. That bag is HOT!
    (I followed you)

  7. I'm very fond of Docs... love that hot pink patent version! :D


  8. Monica I got it!! Just like Becky said on my blog, Love is on sale at M&S Food Hall for £5!

    T x

    (I got my Rosie cover!)

  9. Hey Monica!
    Thanks for your comment! Yeah I am starting at LCF in September, I move in 2 weeks! Super excited! I'll be honest with you, getting in was really tough, but if you're dedicated and passionate there is no reason for you not to get in.
    I got AAB in my AS Levels, and ABB in my A levels. I sat an entry exam, and was then invited for a verbal interview. Then I was offered a conditional place, then after my A Level results I gained an unconditional place. It is hard, but you have to think of it this way: LCF is the top fashion school in Europe, and the lecturers and academics are deep in the industry.
    It is really worth all the hard work! Good luck xx

  10. oh, I love doc martens and they look great in this plastic barbie pink :)
    maybe you can check out my blog


  11. ok first of- you got such awesome stuff from your super cool aunt!! i really love the docs!! i dont think ive seen anyone with them!!

    and 2nd ewww!!i cant believe grown ass people would do the last one you mention!! i think they have a serious problem :( i hope you never come across that!!!

  12. I know what you mean, having rare items is AWESOME! And I say go for it with the bag, haha.

    and UGH! To all those people at stores! I get nervous when sales people talk to me because I'm shy but I at least talk back XD

  13. Thanks for you comment on my Weird Obsession video! I love your little addiction: I keep the tags of my ACTUAL designer buys. I have two from Chanel, one from Gucci and one from Miu Miu.

  14. people do that in changing rooms??? i work in a shop, and if anyone did that in our changing rooms i think i'd lose my job in the rant i'd have at the customer :p

  15. I think it'd look gorge if you cut of those bits! I cannot believe the toilet thing, eww :/ I'd actually vom if I saw that. That's completely put me off ever using changing rooms.

    Fashion Stereotype


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