Sunday, 21 October 2012

Blake Lively

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update before I start my outfit post about Blake Lively.

As part of my course I have to carry out a fashion photoshoot around the theme of diversity in fashion. My group and I managed to finish ours successfully yesterday which ended up being a lot of fun! Thinking about it now, I realise how much thought actually goes into a fashion shoot - every small detail either in the pose or look can make a difference to each shot looking right. When we found the right shots though it was very satisfying to see! It will be interesting to see how we can edit them and turn them into an actual fashion spread. Thanks to our photographer, Daniel McAvoy (who is very talented btw, check out his work here), we managed to book out this snazzy studio to do our photoshoot in!
Calum Riddell studios in Aberdeen. Picture by Daniel McAvoy
Without giving too much away, we surrounded our outfits and poses around a military theme... but I guess you will have to wait a few weeks to see the finished photos :)

Now to continue on from my last post about an alternative to one of Taylor Swift's recent outfit, the celebrity I have chosen for this outfit post is Blake Lively. Blake Lively has become such a global style icon and success in the fashion industry as well as an actress – it’s like everything she wears appears so effortlessly stylish. She also carries herself very maturely for a woman of her age which I think makes her more admirable. Just like Taylor Swift, she has a very feminine style.

The outfit she is wearing above is one she wears in a scene she shoots for Gossip Girl. It’s a very typical Upper East Side Manhattan sort of style - why can’t my wardrobe be like Sienna Van Der Woodsen’s or Blair Wardolf’s! She wears an equestrian-style cape coat over what seems to be a skirt or dress, a print scarf, patterned tights and heeled boots. I love the warm colour palette for winter – even though I know it’s all about a pop of bright colour for the AW’12 season. I’ve managed to find a slightly less expensive alternative to Blake’s outfit here :)
The colour palette is slightly different but I think it still works well for winter. Hope you like it! You can find the items here: 
Cape coat, Romwe
Skirt, Topshop
Tights, New Look
Shoes, River Island


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Taylor Swift

Hey all!

As all of you know, Taylor Swift's music and character is reflected very much in her style in that it is very feminine, youthful and oh so cute. Many girls look up to her for this sort of style and admire what she wears either when she's dressing down or dressing up for A-list events. I personally love her recent fabulous looks from the Teen Choice Awards and Paris Fashion Week!
Paris Fashion Week Source: Idolator
Straight from being spotted in front row shows such as Elie Saab for Paris Fashion Week, she then was spotted in London a few days after wearing her usual cute but chic outfits. I love this one shown below in particular :) it is so wearable and casual for everyday wear.

She looks very ladylike and classy in a short sleeved burgundy knit by French Connection (£67), polka dot jeans by designer AG Adriano Goldschmied (£150+) and a pair of velvet kitty pumps which I absolutely ADORE by Charlotte Olympia (£450+).

So to start off my celebrity style series, here is where you can get similar alternatives for cheaper in terms of High Street prices...

Of course, it is not the exact replica... the jumper is a lighter colour but I think still works well with the outfit and the jeans and kitty Accessorize pumps are very similar to what Taylor Swift is wearing! Click on the links to find the items :)

I hope you like what I have found! 


Friday, 5 October 2012

A New Series

Hey all!

I know, it has been a while since I have posted again as finding the time and inspiration of what to write proved difficult... especially that summer came along and I spent that time at home in London with friends and family and juggling a full time job at Topman Oxford Circus at the same time.
Oh hey, yes that's me after my first day. Just thought you'd all like to see..

I've now recently come back to Aberdeen for second year of university and all the while thinking how time has flown by. I remember last year and how nervous I was to move up here as if it were yesterday but since then I have met people that I feel I have known my own life. Cliché or what? But it's true.

One of my modules for my Fashion Management course has welcomed the world of blogging into everyone's lives and as my fellow classmates started new blogs or continued on with their own ones for the course it inspired me to think of what I could post about for you all.

As we all know, the use of  celebrity endorsement is a real money maker these days. Even us as the general public can be so inspired and interested in what celebrities are wearing daily. Yet how often can we afford to dress and style ourselves like these celebs? Not often at all. 
Magazines such as GRAZIA and LOOK and even other blogs have sections where they provide High Street alternatives of celebrities outfits either on or off the red carpet - I will start a series of these on here :)

If you have any requests of outfits you've seen on celebs that you love, do let me know!
I hope you enjoy it!

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