Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Silk blouses

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti silk blouse with lace detail

feminine chic
beautiful lace trim

very cinched at the waist to show off your figure
Jil Sander

gorgeous ruffly centre

Alice by Temperley

And a cute little boot to go with it...
Pierre Hardy i love you! 
I missed the Pierre Hardy for Gap collection which was such a shame! If only I could afford these! 

Update on me: I MET THE OWNER OF TOPSHOP, SIR PHILLIP GREEN TODAY! He owns the whole of Arcadia Group (which includes Miss Selfridge) and getting the chance to meet him at college and ask him questions was an amazing opportunity. He's such an aspiring and successful business man, not to mention a billionaire, getting his first 7 million in his early 20s! I was a bit starstruck :) If I ever get to work with him in the future it would be such an honour. And it's possible! I'm definitely working towards it :) he's such a sweet man which is a bonus!

A quote from him: "the brand doesn't kill fashion, people do."


Just would like to say thank you so much for the two lovely girls who gave me this blog award! Thanks Bec and Kourtney! I give this award right to back to you because you deserve it! You're both very supportive and lovely girls both with lovely posts.

I also want to award these lovely blogs (follow the links to check them out!):

Thanks for having such unique, interesting blogs girls and for giving me all the support! 

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Scarves: 11 Ways To Use It As A Staple Accessory

I'm sure you're all aware that the classic Hermès like scarves are everywhere now. It really is the perfect accessory. Why? Because you can wear it in SO many different ways; all of them adding something different to your outfit. It can stay with you for a lifetime. Here is some inspiration and tutorials (all via Hermes) for you on how you can tie your scarves this season. It can upgrade a simple outfit :)
1. gorgeous bandana. Here is a tutorial for it:
2. skirt - if your scarf is long enough why not?
3. handbag handle - I LOVE THIS! Gives any bag that extra something.
4. the classic way never goes wrong.
5. belt
6. you can also move the ribbon to the crown of your head too to make it more dramatic! :) here is the tutorial:
7. hairpiece
8. another classic way to wear it!
9. headband. one of my favourites!
10. bracelet. another favourite.
11. very elegant - there's no need for any other staple accessory if you wear it like this :)
Are there any you'd like to share? Would you try one of these? :) I'd love to know if you do! Take a picture and send me the link to it if you do I'd love to see what you do with your scarves :) or maybe you know other ways to wear it? Share it below :) I've yet to try all of these at least once!

Update: Finished my long but exciting first week of fashion college! I've had introductories to all my subjects and I love them all. I went in wanting to pursue a career as a merchandiser/buyer. Now I'm not so sure... I love all these options :) PR and Marketing sounds very appealing to me. It's still early though :) I have a year to decide!

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Hermès Sets The Trend For AW 10/11.

AW 10/11 is the year for:
*fur mixed with leathers
*maximum lengths 
*maximum comfort
*English country chic
*tailored suits

and Hermès hits the nail right on the head this season. Who am I kidding, we can't all afford Hermes but it can definitely inspire us this season :)

these are my favourite colours for this season's fur

What do you think of Hermès this season? Have you always been a fan?

I started my first day at fashion college today... it was quite a long day but I'm so excited to finally get started with my course! Had introductory lessons about Merchandising which is what I want the side of retail I would like to go into in the future. In my course I'm also going to be covering things like:
*personal styling/shopping
*visual merchandising - so designing window displays
*buying - also known as the "sexy" and "glamourous" side of retail (can't wait)

I'm just generally so excited and to be honest have never been this keen to study in my life which says a lot! :)
Btw, would you like me to in the future share what I've been studying in fashion etc. or would that bore you to death? I don't want to do that.
One thing I'm not too excited about is that my college is situated right off Oxford Street and for those of you have been or live in London you'll know that that will be unhealthy for me to be surrounded by London's busiest and most famous shopping-go-to street if you will.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Mish Mash

Hey lovelies :) I'm sorry for not posting I know inconsistency is bad but I'll be better! I've just had induction week at a fashion academy so I've been quite busy! I officially start lessons next week which I can't wait for. I've wanted to study fashion retail management for a long time now and right now I feel like my future is set. Well obviously it depends on me working hard and going for it but I'm on the right path! :) 

Some things I'm loving right now:
Lace Back Waistcoat from Topshop. £45. I tried this on and it looks LOVELY! Gorgeous material and lace detail at the back. And it shows off your curves perfectly as it's singed at the waist with the ribbon. Perfect staple to have in your wardrobe for any occasion.

Burgundy velvet leggings from Topshop. £22. Makes a great pant :) very unique. I'd constantly be touching my leg though :( i love touching nice-feely things.

The winner of the High Street Fashion Awards 2010 "best value for money" is H&M. I think that is well deserved :). I've talked way too much about H&M recently. Must stop. Wait but can I just show you this lovely H&M dress please :) i love the print. I also say the words "I love" too much as well. What other words can I use.. my vocabulary range is big I promise :) I just love things very easily.
only £29.99!
Did any of you hear about London Vogue's Fashion Night Out that happened last week? I went and tbh I was very dissapointed. I'm not sure if NYC & Milan FNO was the same (pff probably not!) but London's was dissapointing. There should have been more publicity on Oxford Street for starters. Hardly anyone knew what was going on. Plenty of stores & brands participated saying they would have a DJ pumping music in the stores, providing free drinks, bringing out their new collections for us to buy first! All this hype was for nothing because even though a lot of the stores did do as they said and had free drinks and djs... the djs weren't that good, and there wasn't that buzz that you would expect since it is all sponsored by VOGUE! It happened on a Wednesday and let's just say a normal Saturday night was a lot busier. 
Thanks for the free alcohol though, Vogue! ;) and I didn't visit the Chanel store but I heard they had there Khaki range out for people to purchase one off! I wonder when it's out offcially.
Anyways, from the 17th onwards is London Fashion Week. I'm very excited to see what stores have in store for us. Especially Topshop. Are any of you planning on going? I'm sure it will be a lot better than FNO.

Have a lovely weekend guys! :) see you in a few days. I'll fill you in on my first day of fashion academy!

Friday, 10 September 2010

I See You H&M Online! Buy Now :)

I'm so happy. I've been waiting for this! I don't know why it didn't come sooner but I'm glad it has come because I always love to look online if I have time before I go to the store if I'm looking for a particular something. Like I'm trying to look for a college bag at the moment. Preferably under £40. Most on the High street I've liked so far are around the £35 bracket. Which is fine but I do have a lot of things on my "to buy" list... so you know :)

How pretty! I think the scarf makes a perfect ensemble to the outfit. Very elegant.
dress £12.99; scarf £7.99
cardi £14.99
shawl £9.99
I'm a sucker for things pretty displayed things. These are some of them. As you can probably see I'm very easily pleased! :) not good, Monica. Not good.

H&M online also means I get to see more of their "Home" collection. I'm not going to lie I didn't even know they had an H&M Home. Is that just me? Because I visit plenty of H&M's all the time and everywhere and even in the flagship stores I havn't seem a Home floor/section. At least I can get them online! Because look! Look at these :) wowee. I want these pillowcases :( I can't spend my money on pillowcases right now though, like I'd rather spend my hard earned cash on clothes etc. you know what I mean? 
Mmmm. I'm thinking about how smooth this would feel on my skin at night...
linen pillowcase £12.99

anyway, happy shopping!
oh and Lanvin for H&M! So close yet so far at the same time. Eek! What a lovely man. 
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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Too much endorphins.. Lanvin for H&M? H&M online?

A dress I'm loving on the high streets currently is this piece by Topshop. I think it's such a gorgeous staple to have. It's so PURRDYY :) Perfect for AW10 or 11 or 12.. you know where this goes :). I'd team this with a hot pair of boots and an aviator jacket. I'm definitely adding this to my list.

H&M have had some wonderful designers do some collections for them in the past. From Karl Lagerfeld to Roberto Cavalli to Sonia Rykiel. Sonia, if your reading this (pff!) please do another knit collection similar to your one for H&M. If you missed it i've shown a tiny preview of it below. When I mean tiny i really mean it literally guys! Sorry about that. But I just loved the colours; so cheerful, young and chic. And very Parisian too which is why I love you. 

I did buy this dress which I love. I don't think many people would have this which makes it even more appealing. The crossed-front is really sexy as well but not too revealing. Still has class to it.

my point was that Alber Elbaz of Lanvin will be doing a cheap-chic collection for H&M which hits London Nov 23rd and I'm excited. anyone else excited? :) expect ribbons and pearls and stunning draping. 
I'm also overly happy for H&M to join the Zara bandwagon and have an online-store too. YAY! *Seal claps*
From the man himself:
"This has been an exceptional exercise, where two companies at opposite poles can work together because we share the same philosophy of bringing joy and beauty to men and women around the world."

*Random note*
Am I alone in the world when I say that I always seem to get a ginormous red spot the day before I have somewhere important to go and look good for! Yes it is always the day before, quite comical really. And then I spend a lot of the night worrying about my disgusting pimple which creates one more spot the next day. It's a vicious cycle.
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