Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cheryl Cole Tights Innovator?

Lanvin for H&M, due to come out in November, I cannot wait to see the collection Alber Elbaz comes up with. Here's the first sneak peak...

via High Snobette
Very awkward but classy it seems. Although someone mentioned that they may not be the case in person. Which I agree on. I have a feeling that even though it seems very fabulous now, it is just the photography :) and is probably cheap looking and not flattering at all in person. Obviously I could be wrong! It could be the best collab yet? We'll see.

What do you think from looking at this one picture?

Wolford Bondage Tights

Ever since Cheryl Cole wore these bondage tights in her Promise This music video, the sales for these tights have gone up like crazy! Just shows you how far celebrity endorsement can go. They're £32 yet people are still willing to pay because Cheryl Cole looks gorgeous in them :)
Wolford; £32
These are also gorgeous tights by Pretty Polly which I bought recently called the Chain Suspender! Friggin gorgeous :)
River Island; £15
What do you think of both of these? What tights are you loving right now? You rocking suspender tights... woolly tights... let me know in the comment below!

Friday, 15 October 2010



my favourite. this leather pleat is absolutely gorgeous!

lovely cape
silk studio dress
all via Zara
Beautiful Zara pieces if I may say so myself :) so on trend right now. And affordable too.
Gorgeous camels, luxurious capes that are so feminine and classy. Beautiful silk dresses. And I've been looking for that leather pleated skirt and it's sold out nearly everywhere I've been. I am not a happy bunny.
Whoever was the Zara stylist for this photo shoot.. I'd like you to live with me.

Todays How To Wear Your Scarf:
Tie on a gorgeous vintage bag to give it that extra something, makes such a good handle. Tie it as shown in the picture or wrap it all the way round the handle and tie it that way. Hope this will inspire you to try it :)


Monday, 11 October 2010

You Rocking A Scarf?

I am loving scarves this season. Yes, I am aware that I've already done a scarf post :) Have a look if you haven't seen it :).
Even just putting it around your neck can upgrade your outfit and add elegance and grace. These are lovely... especially the starter of all.. the Alexander Mcqueen silk scarves :) they're so classic! Pricey but a great purchase to keep for a long time. And the leopard print scarf by River Island is a great way to be on trend this season :) I love the tone of orange too. For just £14.99 it's a great Yves Saint Laurent dupe which is £650 (general price). Amazing right? :)

I'm also in love with Zara's scarf collection. Such beautiful fabric and so feminine.

Ted Baker too :) so adorable!

Are you obsessed with them as much as I am?
I'll be posting different ways to wear your scarf on each post. I know I did a post on this already but this way I think it will be easier for you to maybe try a new one each week :) what do you think?  Try it with me :)

This weeks:
Tie it tight but messy to give yourself an edgy yet elegant look.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

For The Sophisticated. A Button Tip!

Dsquared² evening wear

all pictures go their respectful owner
Formal meets ultra glam. I love the chiffons, the silks, the simplicity of just the white and black which provides justice to the beautiful fabrics and perfect design.. it all looks very sophisticated.

It's my birthday today! I'm officially 18 :) I'd just like to share two items I was given that I think you'd love since I know most of you and I like to think we all have very similar loves and hates :)

This pair of wedge boots from River Island; very sexy. Perfect boot to wear this season. I find it very classic as well. Suede and snake skin... I think I may dream of them tonight:
And this cream fur coat from Uniqlo:
Damn Uniqlo have good value for money quality clothes! It looks so expensive yet it's £59.99 which I think is really good value for money for a good quality faux fur coat. It's velvety soft. They did have a black but I thought the cream was rarer. I'm thinking of popping down to John Lewis' haberdashery section and chosing a few expensive looking buttons to replace the ones on this one. It will make this fur coat look even more sophisticated.

Tip: If you have a coat that you'd like to keep for a very long time or you'd like to make it look a bit more expensive (e.g. if it's from the high street), change the buttons.
Crap plastic buttons tend to always make a coat look cheap and not worth it.

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

Friday, 1 October 2010

What better creation is there than Instinct?

I'm pretty sure I just went to shoe heaven. This has given me a lot of inspiration with winter boots with season. I'm not sure about other countries but I know the UK is full of dupes of these especially in shops like New Look. They have a hundreds of different winter boots to chose from.

I love the next few coming months because the parties are always the best this time of year. Even though it is absolutely freezing and wet in London. Here's some gorgeous new evening dresses by H&M all £24.99 and £29.99! Definitely a bargain.

What do you think?
Even though I do complain about the weather, I'm happy that I live in a country with four seasons so I get to wear gorgeous winter clothes! I always think there is a lot more to offer "fashion wise" with the autumn/winter season :) I hope you all have had a lovely week. It's been raining pretty much every day in London this week. 
Oh and October 7th is coming up which means it's my BIRTHDAY! :) which I can't wait for. I'm taking a few girls to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate with me. Maybe hit a bar later.
p.s. if there is one thing to take away from this post, it's this quote by Sir Phillip Green which I forgot to mention in my last post.
"What is better than instinct?"
follow it.
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