Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Versatile Leather Skirt

Hi all,

As you all know, AW'11 is seeing the return of the Leather Skirt which is one of my favourite pieces this year. It's definitely a must due to how versatile a chic leather skirt can be whether you are going for the pleated, a-line or pencil skirt.. one of those wardrobe staples which you can easily throw on and mix and match with other items. I am going for leather in the brown or black simply because it shouts ultra elegance, especially the black.

Some personal designer favourites of mine for the season...

I am loving the cut detail hem in Ksubi's and the cuteness of the Alice + Olivia skirt. The Michael Kors interpretation is definitely something that will catch your eye on the street. Less is more with the clean and elegant A.P.C skirt.

And lets not forget the high street. I'm currently loving River Island's pleated black leather mini skirt.

Emphasis on the word "mini" there as I am quite petite so happy days (even though I will be heartbroken to see £75 go out from my account). Funny how I'm trying to justify the cost of it even after this post of All hail the Leather Skirt!

Please leave your thoughts in the comments! (And convince me to buy this skirt)

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  1. I love them! :)
    I think I'll choose the black simple one,
    although I like the shape of the others!

    Please stop by:


  2. totally understand where you're coming from with the simplicity! :)

    I will do xx

  3. I never thought I'd go for a leather skirt for casual wear, but I'm loving the skater style skirts that have been ooing the rounds on the blogasphere lately. I spotted one in H&M in Brighton the other week but stupidly didn't get it...wish I had now!

    And yes Monica, you NEED that River Island number in your life!

    T x

  4. i just love leather. i recently bought my own leather skirt and i just loooove it :) nice blog :)


  5. love the michael kors skirt!!!!
    I have a similar one in grey :D

  6. Oh good LORD i need that michael Kors skirt. I am definitely not in a position to give you financial advice but I'm just gonna say that the river island skirt is too cute and too wearable not to go for!

  7. I like Acne one!



I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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