Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Giveaway by Heyhilarywrites.

Hey guys!
HeyHilary [www.heyhilarywrites.blogspot.com] is doing a fantastic giveaway. She is giving away one of these:

She is giving it away in the colour "snow." ^
 These bracelets are by Humanity for All (click for more information) who donates 20% of its profits to raise awareness about humanitarianism and other global issues.

Visit HeyHilary to enter the giveaway which ends Aug 13 @ 9pm PST.


*Gown by Emilio Pucci from the new Fall season. I'm in love.
*Animal print classico messenger bag by Fendi
*Tie-Waist shorts as seen in Sydney Fashion Week

Way over my price range but in love all the same! :)

On another note, I bought these gorgeous polyester pocohuntus shorts from River Island yesterday for £29.99:

How puuuurdyy! I got home excited to wear them to realise that to my horror it said "dry clean only" *AHHHHHHH*
Any tips on dry clean only products? I read you can get a product called Dryel which allows you to wash the product in the washing machine regularly but surprise, surprise it was too good to be true because you can't get them in the UK! I don't want to take it back its so lovely and having to dry clean them is so expensive ad not worth it (those were my mums words anyway)
Being the stubborn girl I am I handwashed a section of the shorts just to see what would happen to it! I hope its okay... :(


  1. thanks for posting about my giveaway! good luck :)

    oh and i'm really loving those fringe shorts, they'd be super cute with nude wedges.

  2. I think you have to keep the shorts! They are so cute. just try not to get them dirty - and get used to spraying them with fabreeze! That way you won't have to dry clean them too often!

    Christina x

  3. I love those shorts! I must admit, I have a guilty pleasure in the form of Ke$ha and I have a craving for these oh-so-Ke$ha style shorts so I can prance about and pretend to be her!
    On another note, I am 100% sane, and apologies if you're one of these people who hate Ke$ha and I have now made you hate these shorts!
    Seriously though, I was worried about how they'd fit....are they quite short? I had visions of them making my bum look huuuuuuuge!
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog

  4. I have no idea how to dry-clean anything! My mom typically takes care of that type of thing (embarrassing, I know). I do love your shorts though!

  5. great blog! i really like the shorts !!

    check out mine and follow :)


  6. Thanks for the comments guys! Follow me for more updates, would be great :)

    @Christina - yeah i think i'm definitely going to keep them i can't send them back i love them too much :(

    @ashley - thanks! don't worry my mum takes care of most things for me too :(

    @tabitha - i don't hate K$sha! :) i must admit i'm not a big fan though. I never knew these were K$sha like shorts! They jus reminded me of Pocohuntus tbh haha. And they really don't look huge. They're not like hot pants so not tight around the bum, they hang quite nicely! Def try them on they're sooo gorgeous


  7. thats a nice giveaway, cute shorts :).

  8. That animal print Fendi bag is in-saneeee
    I NEED it! :D



  9. Love the shorts - I tend to just wash them on a delicate setting, never ruined anything of mine. If they feel like leather/suede though, I'd just leave them until they are in desperate need of washing, then it's only like a 5er! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog sweet :)
    Fashion Stereotype


I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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