Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hello staff discount?

Things I'm absolutely loving right now! I've always prefered the winter season clothing wise, the colours are more undertones and full of gorgeous neutrals, and you can wear a lot more items.
I think people look sexier/classy in winter clothes too.

Jacket: £44.99; Top: £16.99; Bag: £24.99; Peg leg: £34.99
[all River Island]

I love the jacket and I think the price is quite reasonable since it is good quality. I'd go out in just a white tee, pair of jeans, boots, throw on this jacket and BAM! Hello chic :)

What I loved about this black heart top is the material. It is cotton but it feels like a silkier cotton which makes it more expensive.

I'd pair those trousers with a tight fitting white plain top tucked in. What do you think?

Ok! Now, I love that bag, the colour is gorgeous, its a good size and perfect for going anywhere in the daytime with... however, what annoys me about River Island is their obsessive need to put their sign on their products. I mean, REALLY?!? 

Why would you want this on your bag?

Does it annoy you too or is it just me?
Tell me what you think :)

P.S. Like the song? :)


  1. Wow. that jacket is lush! I love it. I don't really shop in River Island normally - but maybe I should.

    I agree with you on the bag thing. I only want the brand written on it if is Chanel or something! It is a shame as they do some good bags, but I would never buy one branded like that.
    Christina xx

  2. I've heard all good things about this store, but unfortunately I've never been there because I don't believe there is one in the states! I am absolutely in love with that jacket...I think I'm finally going to give in and get me some faux fur items this fall/winter. I've avoided it for so long, but recently I've been really drawn to the look. And I hear you about brand's marking their products...I know Marc by Marc Jacobs does something similar on most of their bags, which is kind of alright because it's a higher-up brand, but it's still kind of obnoxious.

  3. @Christina, me neither! Not from high street anyway!
    And River Island do really nice stuff so you should have a look :)

  4. Yes! Too many times I have picked up what would be a quite nice purse/bag only to find it emblazoned with "River Island"....I just can't see why the designers think it works?! River Island (to me) is a shop, not a brand....putting the name on a bag makes it into nothing more than an expensive carrier bag in my mind! Loving that jacket though
    I'm new to the blogging game, have a little look at my blog?

  5. I agree about the branding,
    especially on such gorgeous bags!


I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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