Tuesday, 31 August 2010

London as spark for all up & coming designers.

London is such an inspirational city full which provides a huge creative flow for so many new or current designers to create their pieces. London is a home for so many fantastic designers and I think we hold one of the largest numbers of new&young or up&coming designers in the world.

The  collection I'm showing in this post is by Julian Macdonald. He described his designs as being "sexy, high octane, powerful and liberating." I couldn't agree more.

Julian Macdonald AW10

I personally love his collection! What are your thoughts? 

P.S. Sorry I havn't posted in a while or had the chance to look at your lovely blogs! I've been busy and I was at Notting Hill Carnival these past few days! :) pictures and post coming soon!

P.P.S. Check out Gena of Glam-Me-Up. She has a great blog!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the last three frames

    T x

  2. I love discovering new upcoming designers! These are great pieces. Love all those chunky knits in the first few photos!
    Such a lucky girl to have attended Notting Hill gate festival. Missed it this year since I was stuck in Toronto. Would love to see photos!

  3. gorgeous stuff, I love the dress in the third last set of pics.

  4. I really like the 4 first looks. So amazing! ;-)


  5. Those words describe these looks perfectly. Up and coming? I think he'll make it!

  6. I like it all!!!!!


  7. wow he really does cover an array of all colours for this collection. There is something there to suit everyone, a definite indication of a great designer :)


I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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