Saturday, 4 September 2010


During Bank Holiday weekend I was at Notting Hill Carnival with all the family :) My aunt lives right around there so we had great places to stand the whole two days... and sit if we need to (which most people definitely want to do at least once in the day!) I had such an amazing time and if your a Londoner you definitely have to go at least one time just to experience it. For those of you who havn't heard of this Carnival it started in 1966 and it has been running every year during August bank holiday ever since! "Floats" come one after the other and follow a certain route throughout NottingHill, Hyde Park, Ladbroke Grove etc. playing festival music and each "float" has a different costume theme. I love the music they play.. it ranges from a large group of drummers to DJ's playing Bashment and Soca.

How gorgeous are all the costumes! They still all looked amazing even though the each floats' funds were cut by over a half by the council!


The atmosphere is just so amazing, everyone is dancing and thousands of people from all over the country gather around for these two days to take part. 
These were some of the "floats"  took a picture of:
The better the music, the more followers you have :)

Here are the drummers :)

Sunday is supposed to be 'kids day' and Monday 'adults day'. There isn't a lot of difference in my opinion. And NottingHill Carnival has a rep to some people as being dangerous. But what festival/concert/huge event isn't? If you are sensible and don't cause trouble it is perfectly safe. And their are police awaiting any trouble on every corner, there are helicopters and cameras everywhere so I felt very safe :) which was lovely.

PC Plod X100 :)
look at the amount of people!

And because my aunt lives there we were allowed to sell things which a lot of people did to help make the festival even better. There's yummy drinks and food stalls everywhere as well! We sold horns to whistles to Vodka Jelly (I'm not going to lie I did have a bit too many.. how can you not though when you have this much in your fridge?)

My cousin :)

and yes she loves to sweep apparently because I caught her sweeping the Carnical streets :) d'aww.

If you went let me know what you thought! If not definitely think of going next year :) the weather's normally always quite nice during the festival too. YAY! 


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog post "Chanel, MAC and Barry M". Nottinghill looks AMAZING! Jealous as hell!
    Nope, I went into Oxford with my lovely boyfriend, sadly not Biscester. Is there a MAC there?

  2. Thank for stopping by;
    great pics!!
    nope I went to worked.


  3. Can't believe that I have lived in London for 5 years and still have never been! Looks fabulous x

  4. I went to the Thames Festival last year, lots of similar costumes to your photos, it was so much fun!! :)

  5. AMAZING! I've never been to a festival or carnival, I want to so much now! Or Chinese New Year or SOMETHING!
    Adorable cousin!!! Sweeping streets, whatever next?

  6. looks fun ;-)

  7. This looks like sooo much fun! Reminds me of the Sinulog festival here in Cebu, Philippines. Except the crowd is crazy thick and partying waaay to much! Still, FUN!

    -Gayle from

  8. haha so cute ,, great carnival
    and lol at the vodka jelly ,, =D
    thx for visiting my blog

  9. woah that's some crazy outfits at the carnival :D


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