Monday, 16 August 2010

London - High Street Pick Of The Day.

London is my favourite fashion capital for High Street Fashion no doubt. I've visited each fashion capital and have to say I think for High Street fashion, no city can beat London. It's a Metropolitan city and has millions of small & unique boutiques holding great things. What's your favourite city for fashion and why? Milan is my overall favourite but for High Street and the variety it has to be London for me!

1. All Saints - Myra Stripe Cardi; £60
2. Miss Selfridge - White Long Sleeve Pointelle; £10
3. Urban Outfitters - Lace Shorts in White; Sale £9.99
4. River Island - Brown Argyle OverTheKnee Socks; £5.99
5. River Island - Leather Cuff Flat Ankle Boots; £69.99 
6. Miss Selfridge - Oat Broderie Waistcoat; £20

Interchange 1. and 6.


  1. the waistcoat is really pretty. I will follow! <3

  2. I do love London but just can't stand the busy busy streets! Grrrrr


  3. Love all those looks! As for shopping...I've never been to any of the huge fashion hubs. I've been to NYC, but not for fashion shopping...I need to do that soon

  4. I really love those boots! Amazing blog.

    xx fesi-fashion

  5. Monica!

    I've nominated you for an award on my go go go! Accept and enjoy my fellow blogling


  6. i agree!!! london is hard to beat for sure. best shopping is done through the week and i must say carnaby and regent st are my fave locations, away from the hustle. love your blog, you have impeccable taste!!! definitely a new follower for you :)


I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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