Thursday, 5 August 2010

River Island training; aching from all the bending down!

Had a training day at River Island today in Sales and Services. I was excited at the beginning happily filling in all the papers and the same mundane information on several sheets of paper. Yes, I enjoyed it... I've always wanted to work in retail because I want to be a merchandiser so finally getting the opportunity to work within that kind of thing is exciting :) feel like a big girl.
Cue all the "awwws!"

I then with a few other girls had to help out with delivery; stocking up the shop with new/more items.

This involved: 

  • unwrapping boxes of clothes and shoes;
  • putting security tags on them
  • putting them on hangers
  • hanging them up
And when i say boxes of clothes, I really do mean box after box after box after box and I didn't realise until I got home how tired I was when I started aching in all sorts of places!

Complaining aside though, I did enjoy it and met loads of friendly people which is always great and definitely can't wait for my first day at work on Saturday!

On another note, I was early to my training to walked around and decided to go into boots and check out the makeup counters. *La dida dida*
I was excited to see L'Oreal's Voluminous mascara again on the shelf as I've wanted it ever since lollipop26 said how much she loves it so of course, since I love her and go by her every word I have to try it...

So when I get it I will talk about it :)

On a random note, I found this youtuber Brent Gordan who does amazing covers of songs...
especially his cover of Coldplay which I have not stopped listening to. 
IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! It can get me quite emotional.


Monica xoxo


  1. well if you work at river island i guess you're a little biased ;)
    i love topshop! it has to be my favourite, it never fails! i never used to buy anything from river island because i thought everything was bejewelled or covered in studs, but recently i've come round a bit and bought a gorgeous cropped blazer there, since that i've been in quite a bit and actually like it!



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