Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Silk blouses

Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti silk blouse with lace detail

feminine chic
beautiful lace trim

very cinched at the waist to show off your figure
Jil Sander

gorgeous ruffly centre

Alice by Temperley

And a cute little boot to go with it...
Pierre Hardy i love you! 
I missed the Pierre Hardy for Gap collection which was such a shame! If only I could afford these! 

Update on me: I MET THE OWNER OF TOPSHOP, SIR PHILLIP GREEN TODAY! He owns the whole of Arcadia Group (which includes Miss Selfridge) and getting the chance to meet him at college and ask him questions was an amazing opportunity. He's such an aspiring and successful business man, not to mention a billionaire, getting his first 7 million in his early 20s! I was a bit starstruck :) If I ever get to work with him in the future it would be such an honour. And it's possible! I'm definitely working towards it :) he's such a sweet man which is a bonus!

A quote from him: "the brand doesn't kill fashion, people do."


Just would like to say thank you so much for the two lovely girls who gave me this blog award! Thanks Bec and Kourtney! I give this award right to back to you because you deserve it! You're both very supportive and lovely girls both with lovely posts.

I also want to award these lovely blogs (follow the links to check them out!):

Thanks for having such unique, interesting blogs girls and for giving me all the support! 


  1. Those blouses are very pretty! And congrats on the award! (:

  2. I like the Jil Sander top the most :)

    And thats so exciting you got to meet Sir Phillip Green!! Its nice to hear that he is a nice person still, even with all his success :)

  3. oh these are gorgeous! i must incorporate some white silk into my wardrobe asap.

  4. First of all: thank you so much! I really appreciate the award. <3

    Second of all: so cool you met the owner of Topshop! I'm way more impressed with people like that than mere celebrities. I would assume it took hard work and guts to start such a phenomenal, successful thing. I love successful people, there's so much to learn from them.

    I need some white blouses period, silk or not. I think I have one. So sad. And I love those boots!!!

  5. Thanks babe. Your blog is really amazing.
    Like the blouses<3

  6. Can't believe you met good ol' phil! He is a gem isn't he? You've also got me massively wanting those blouses, and the pierre hardy boots, eurgh, they're so fit they make me want to be sick :( I can't believe I missed them either.

    Fashion Stereotype


I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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