Saturday, 25 September 2010

Scarves: 11 Ways To Use It As A Staple Accessory

I'm sure you're all aware that the classic Hermès like scarves are everywhere now. It really is the perfect accessory. Why? Because you can wear it in SO many different ways; all of them adding something different to your outfit. It can stay with you for a lifetime. Here is some inspiration and tutorials (all via Hermes) for you on how you can tie your scarves this season. It can upgrade a simple outfit :)
1. gorgeous bandana. Here is a tutorial for it:
2. skirt - if your scarf is long enough why not?
3. handbag handle - I LOVE THIS! Gives any bag that extra something.
4. the classic way never goes wrong.
5. belt
6. you can also move the ribbon to the crown of your head too to make it more dramatic! :) here is the tutorial:
7. hairpiece
8. another classic way to wear it!
9. headband. one of my favourites!
10. bracelet. another favourite.
11. very elegant - there's no need for any other staple accessory if you wear it like this :)
Are there any you'd like to share? Would you try one of these? :) I'd love to know if you do! Take a picture and send me the link to it if you do I'd love to see what you do with your scarves :) or maybe you know other ways to wear it? Share it below :) I've yet to try all of these at least once!

Update: Finished my long but exciting first week of fashion college! I've had introductories to all my subjects and I love them all. I went in wanting to pursue a career as a merchandiser/buyer. Now I'm not so sure... I love all these options :) PR and Marketing sounds very appealing to me. It's still early though :) I have a year to decide!

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. Lovely. I'm so glad there are instructions for the head ones...I've never quite been able to figure those out. Great ideas, I always wear mine just normal. I'm going to have to try out the bracelet soon!

  2. i love the idea of the handbag handle!! A lot of my bags are classic leather bags and one of my scarfs would look great on them!! great post monica!! :)

  3. Great looks....I really want a headscarf!

    T x

  4. i SO wanna use one of mine as a handbag handle! i've never thought of that, but it's sooo cute!

  5. p.s i've awarded you a blog award - go to my blog to see what its all about! :)

  6. I love to wear one, but never knew how; now I do! Thanks for the post haha!

  7. I love that you posted this because no one knows what to do with scarves! I always wrap it around my purse when I get tired of it being around my neck! haha.
    Check out my blog, I gave you an award! :)

  8. great post :) it looks so perfect on the head !

  9. loved this post! great ideas. i'll be practicing with my scarf now haha


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