Friday, 1 October 2010

What better creation is there than Instinct?

I'm pretty sure I just went to shoe heaven. This has given me a lot of inspiration with winter boots with season. I'm not sure about other countries but I know the UK is full of dupes of these especially in shops like New Look. They have a hundreds of different winter boots to chose from.

I love the next few coming months because the parties are always the best this time of year. Even though it is absolutely freezing and wet in London. Here's some gorgeous new evening dresses by H&M all £24.99 and £29.99! Definitely a bargain.

What do you think?
Even though I do complain about the weather, I'm happy that I live in a country with four seasons so I get to wear gorgeous winter clothes! I always think there is a lot more to offer "fashion wise" with the autumn/winter season :) I hope you all have had a lovely week. It's been raining pretty much every day in London this week. 
Oh and October 7th is coming up which means it's my BIRTHDAY! :) which I can't wait for. I'm taking a few girls to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate with me. Maybe hit a bar later.
p.s. if there is one thing to take away from this post, it's this quote by Sir Phillip Green which I forgot to mention in my last post.
"What is better than instinct?"
follow it.


  1. I want all of those boots, ha. If only money grew on trees! x

    Those tory burch shoes are gorgeous and I love all the dresses. Yay bday's are so much fun! xx

  3. Oh wow,so many amazing things!!!

  4. still obsesed with those Chloe brown boots. they are so amazing! timeless

  5. loving the knee high chloe boots! ugh, love fall fashion!

  6. Love the sparkly dress, and I've been thinking about getting those Tory Burch booties! I'm in love with the stiletto heel.

  7. Oh I hope you have a good birthday night out!! I want those Roberto Cavalli boots... gorgeous. I know what you mean about autumn/winter dressing - there's just more to play with x

  8. I love the rag and bone ones, yum! Gorgeous colour. And also love all of your H&M picks - that's the worst thing about h&m online, I'm OBSESSED with placing orders now.

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I really appreciate your comments and want to thank you for them! :)

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