Friday, 15 October 2010



my favourite. this leather pleat is absolutely gorgeous!

lovely cape
silk studio dress
all via Zara
Beautiful Zara pieces if I may say so myself :) so on trend right now. And affordable too.
Gorgeous camels, luxurious capes that are so feminine and classy. Beautiful silk dresses. And I've been looking for that leather pleated skirt and it's sold out nearly everywhere I've been. I am not a happy bunny.
Whoever was the Zara stylist for this photo shoot.. I'd like you to live with me.

Todays How To Wear Your Scarf:
Tie on a gorgeous vintage bag to give it that extra something, makes such a good handle. Tie it as shown in the picture or wrap it all the way round the handle and tie it that way. Hope this will inspire you to try it :)



  1. I found your blog while I was searching for the aforementioned leather skirt. :) It looks so much like the Alice + Olivia box pleat skirt (only more affordable, I presume).

    Guess I'll have to call my local Zara stores as well. Happy hunting!

  2. good stylist woork:)

  3. love zara :) so chic and sophisticated - love that silk studio dress!! :)

  4. Hi dear,
    thank you for your comment in my TokyoBlondes :)

    I love these clothes and these outfit, they're gorgeous ! I'm going to buy some stuff at Zara next week :), thanks for showed us them !


  5. I love the Scarf Styling idea!

    I'm a massive Zara fan....lovely pieces and you don't see Zara Clones walking down the street which is always a bonus! Just bought the TRL jumper with elbow pads/covers in green - love it!

    T x

  6. Zara is wonderful! I love their clothing :) These photos are really nice too!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  7. Zara, where have you been my whole life?? ;-)

  8. We just love Zara !!!
    Nice blog !!!


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