Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cheryl Cole Tights Innovator?

Lanvin for H&M, due to come out in November, I cannot wait to see the collection Alber Elbaz comes up with. Here's the first sneak peak...

via High Snobette
Very awkward but classy it seems. Although someone mentioned that they may not be the case in person. Which I agree on. I have a feeling that even though it seems very fabulous now, it is just the photography :) and is probably cheap looking and not flattering at all in person. Obviously I could be wrong! It could be the best collab yet? We'll see.

What do you think from looking at this one picture?

Wolford Bondage Tights

Ever since Cheryl Cole wore these bondage tights in her Promise This music video, the sales for these tights have gone up like crazy! Just shows you how far celebrity endorsement can go. They're £32 yet people are still willing to pay because Cheryl Cole looks gorgeous in them :)
Wolford; £32
These are also gorgeous tights by Pretty Polly which I bought recently called the Chain Suspender! Friggin gorgeous :)
River Island; £15
What do you think of both of these? What tights are you loving right now? You rocking suspender tights... woolly tights... let me know in the comment below!


  1. I love those tights!! Especially the second pair, they're a bit sexy!

    I love Cheryl Cole.....but I HAAATEEEEE that tattoo on her leg! It makes her look so trashy!

  2. I thought I already commented on this. God, I'm losing my mind.

    I like your perspective on the collection. I've seen others post about it, and everyone is so excited and is thinking it'll be so great. But, like you said, it's likely to be cheap and unflattering. Amazingly though, I imagine a lot of people will manage to make it work!

    I liked the tights until I realized they are only popular because of a celebrity. Maybe I'll wear them in five years when they aren't as popular. :)

  3. I like your perspective on the upcoming collection - and I'm thinking you might be right about it being cheap looking in person, but maybe we will all be surprised!

  4. i ABSOLUTELY love the last ones :) so nice!!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. wonderful!!!

    we like it !!!


  6. Love this thights. Great blog.

    x W

  7. agree - i would so buy those tights! xx

  8. we like it !!!!


  9. Hi there darling! lovely post! those tights are awesome! i have those wolfords (the striped ones) myself and i love them:) they really make an outfit stan out! we're hosting a GIVEAWAY on our blog by the way! Come and take a look:) Participate if you like! It's open to everyones:)

    Farah @ FashionFabrice.

    Have a FABULOUS day:)

  10. Wow, absolutely fabulous!!! Amazing post, darling! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)



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