Monday, 22 August 2011

Fashion Capitals of the World 2011 - I'M BACK :)

Hey all! It's Monica here I am back (if any of you remember me I'm sure you won't but that is ok! :]) after a long few un-inspiring months. I have been blogging via tumblr (check it out here ) however as far as my actual blog was concerned, I began to have writers block and lost the inspiration. I am officially back to writing so be prepared for fashion/style news and inspirations as I see it. As from this post it is a new leaf so it may be different from my posts in the past.

I am starting with talking about the new and updated official Top 10 Fashion Capitals of the World as voted by Global Fashion Monitor. Having been born and bred in London I am proud to say that London is THE No.1 fashion capital of the world this year (well deserved I must say). They say it has been heavily influenced by our fabulous style icon Kate Middleton and Alexander McQueen who have both been huge in the media spotlight all over the world for the past year. Who knew the media had THAT much power, pwhoar! Milan has at last come back to the top 4 which is definitely where it should be (how on earth it was below L.A last year is beyond my comprehension).

Barcelona, Singapore and Berlin also made it into the top 10 which is news to me only because I have never really known these capitals to be that huge on fashion culture. Having said that, Berlin is fabulous for their street style; being very edgy and urban. I have been to Singapore many times and there aren't a lot of inspired fashionistas on the streets at all. Even though there are great streets for shopping. P.S. this is not a hit on Singapore I love it there :)

Here is the list along with their rank last year (taken from Fashion Foie Gras):

London (3) HOORAY!
New York (1) 
Paris (4) 
Milano (6) 
Los Angeles (5) 
Hong Kong (2) 
Barcelona (10) 
Singapore (15)
Tokyo (14)
Berlin (18)

What are your thoughts? Surprised? Pleased? Not so pleased? 



  1. O.M.G

    I just actually squealed "Monica Rambles is back!!" when I saw this post in my reading list. Oh Monica, my fellow I've missed you!

    Glad to have you back!
    T x

  2. Ah that's so sweet, surprised you remember! Fellow bloglings!

    And thanks :D x


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