Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hey guys!

One thing that I can't live without (yes this will be very cliché) is my music! (It might surprise you but I love to sing and perform... even though sadly I don't really do any of that anymore). There have been so many good albums come out recently that I've been loving and Rihanna's Unapologetic is definitely one of my favourites so far. She is the definition of bad ass. This week Rihanna has been on her 777 tour promoting her new album and has been dominating online media this week.

So, my chosen celebrity/music artist for this week is Rihanna. Not only has she practically gained world domination with her music since the start of her career in 2005, but she's gained a name for herself in the fashion industry due to her FIERCE and PROVOCATIVE style. No other celeb sells Sex and Glam like she does! When I feel like entering up my inner ghetto-ness, she's the one I turn to ;)
She loves her black and leather but she's so experimental with prints, patterns and colours and is not afraid to wear whatever she wants and however she wants it! She's one of those 'style icons' that you could honestly say that she truly has her own fashion identity and is not dictated by any style icon of the past or present. But anyway, enough of that, I'm sure you know all this already!

The picture I've chosen and found an alternative outfit for is a recent snap of Rihanna in New York.
She looks so fierce I love it. She wears a burgundy shearling coat (Acne) and a camouflage jacket over a plain black tank top and skinny jeans. She tops it off with a pair of Timberlands <3 br="br">

Here are some alternatives that you may be interested in. The coat I've found is of similar style but in black. I think it's a good investment for winter... it can be dressed down as Rihanna does here or dressed up.
The coat is Warehouse from Asos and the camo jacket is from New Look, although you can find many other alternative camo jackets from River Island and Topshop.

I hope you like it!

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