Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kate Bosworth for Topshop

Hey guys!
How are you all doing? I've been having a bit of a hectic week with uni but i'm back with another post and this week it features another beautiful lady... she's just been announced to be the new face and voice of Topshop's first ever Christmas campaign... it's Kate Bosworth! How exciting! Topshop's first ever Christmas campaign.

Over the last few days Topshop has been creating a stir over social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by teasing the public with silhouettes and obscured shots around London of who the face of the campaign will be. The infamous hashtag #whosthatgirl has got people around the world trying to guess the lady in the shots and it has finally been released today that it is 29 year old beautiful actress Kate Bosworth. I have to admit I was guessing for quite a long time while looking at the shots on Instagram and I could not figure out who it was at all! Here is a video of her in Topshop's first ever Christmas film entitled Winter Wonderland

The video is inspired by the famous piano scene from the film The Famous Baker Boys starring Michelle Pfeiffer. She's got such a stunning voice, I never knew she could sing! Anyway, visit Topshop's website to see more of Kate Bosworth and the campaign :)

So, as you can see because of all this I have been very Kate Bosworth inspired this week. This is a picture of her outside a Burberry show this year. I LOVE how she's styled the jumper with the chic pencil skirt. The owl jumper is from Burberry's AW12 collection. For those who are looking for a high street version I have found an alternative below :) 

Source: Kate-book
The outfit can pretty much be fully found from French Connection :) I think it's a very good alternative!
Follow these links to the items:
Jumper, French Connection
Wool pencil skirt, French Connection
Bow belt, French Connection
Booties, New Look

You're welcome ;)

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