Sunday, 9 December 2012

Lily Aldridge

Hi guys!

This post features American model and mother to a cute baby girl... it's Lily Aldridge. We mainly know her as one of the Victoria's Secret models of course. By the way, imagine your mum as a part time Victoria Secret model. How surreal would that be!? It was the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York recently and she looked amazing with her American flag wings. So wonderwoman!
Source: Dailymail 
If you guys haven't seen the show and would like to you can catch it all on youtube :) it will definitely make you dislike yourself for a good while...

She has a very elegant style. She always look sexy and glamorous in a glamour model way. I love her dip dye hair; I think is more subtle in a good way. This is a shot of her on a casual day out a few days ago wearing a simple yet chic yellow blouse and leather pants.
Yellow is my favourite colour of all time, I don't know why! Not many people like yellow but I love when I find a yellow top that will look good on me and I certainly would love to buy myself a yellow sports car if I have the chance ;) I'll have a yellow lamborghini thanks. Lily definitely suits the yellow and as yellow is the colour of the SS13 season it's definitely a good idea to start looking into what yellow items you're going to purchase! For an idea, here is some sexy yellow blouses that I found on Asos that are similar to what Lily has on here. They're on sale too. (all images taken from

Pair with some leather and you're good to go. I hope you like it! You can find the items here:
Blouse with pintucks
Vero Moda silk blouse 



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